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The Bellevue Chopin Organic Farmers Group

Bellevue Chopin is small community in the centre of the southern part of Dominica,  at the foot of Morne Canotte and Morne Anglais. The Bellevue Chopin Organic Farmers Group formed in 2004, is a vibrant member of Dominica Organic Agricultural Movement (DOAM), offering a broad range of organic farm products and a newly installed composting facility. The group is currently managing its newly built tourism receoption centre, funded by the European Union and the Government of Dominica under the SFA 2006 Tourism Sector Development (TSDP). The reception centre will serve to promote farm products, herbs and spices,  and act as the main point for dispatching tours to the various herbal gardens. The centre will also provide a range of local culinary delights. Bellevue, meaning “Beautiful view” is a word given as a prefix to several place names on Dominica. This is because the location is on heights where beautiful views can be seen.   Often they are classified by adding the name of former owners of the land, as is the case with Bellevue Chopin.  The name Chopin came from the surname of early French settlers. MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIC GROUP President: Gordon Royer Vice President: Raphael Carbon Treasurer & Assistant Secretary: Delroy Registe Public Relations Officer: Fitzroy Registe Secretary: Petronald Green COMMITTEE MEMBERS Ruby Royer Cyrilla Williams Marvin Ormond Nathan Registe Group Email bcofminc@gmail.com Fax: 1-767-440-4416 Tel # 1-767-316-2710/ 1-767-285-1484/1-767-615-3310 1-767-285-2634 If you're interested in joining our group, please contact us.

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