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Located high above Roseau and Grand Bay, the area around Bellevue Chopin was once a place of Maroon encampments during the 18th and 19th centuries. Bellevue Chopin was made up of a few large estates - Rosehill, Gomier, Liberty, Shillingford and Carew Estates. In addition to limes which were processed into juice and exported to England, the Rosehill  Estate produced cocoa, coffee and onions; Gommier Estate cultivated and exported onions and also sugar cane and cassava which were processed into syrup and farine respectively; Alford Estate grew sugar cane and citrus and the Shillingford Estate grew citrus and coconuts and  processed limes. Some of the other estates grew crops such as coffee cocoa and root crops. The farm workers on those estates came from other villages such as Delices, Grand Bay, Carib Territory and settled in Bellevue Chopin along the main road to Grand Bay & Delices. One renowned resident of Bellevue Chopin was an English man, Professor Taylor, who married to a Carib woman and wrote a book on the Carib language. Through the years some of the estates were divided and sold to individual owners who were all farmers and continued farming, passing the craft to their children who are farmers up to this day. Today the small farming community has chosen to develop organic farming to sustain the wealth of their community. The Waitikubuli National Trail is passing through the village on the Robert’s family land, closed to Royer and Winston’s Estate. Visiting the village is a learning process of lifestyle in a healthy environment, and an opportunity to discover the luxurious rainforest.

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