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One Day Tour

Day Tour:  Bellevue Chopin Organic Farm Experience

9.00AM     Broad Meadows tour (1hour) Broad Meadows is owned by Gordon Royer, who has been practising organic farming for the last ten years promoting biodiversity, biological cycle and soil biological activity.   Using the waste of plants and animals, Mr. Gordon Royer has developed a mixed garden of vegetables, provisions and various herbs. A walk though the garden reveals a scenic view of Morne Canotte, an old mill ruins.  There is an underground spring on the property,and the new composting factory which provides organic compost to farmers. 10.30AM:      Harmony Garden (1hour) Harmony Garden is an organic herbal farm. This estate is owned by Roy Ormond, a farmer who uses organic practices for growing medicinal herbs.  Walking through the garden, one sees birds (peacocks) while the properties and uses of the various medicinal tropical herbs are described. 12.30PM:     Lunch (traditional lunch organised by the organic community group) 2.00PM:      Charlette Tour: River Farm Tour (1hour) Owned by Mr. Green, the estate produces pineapple, and a wide range of anthuriums.  A walk through the garden leads one to a river and a traditional composting system. At the end of the tour, sit on the bamboo bench and enjoy in relaxing ambiance, the beautiful panoramic view of the valley and Morne Canotte. 3.20PM:       Mountain Creole Garden Tour (1 hour) Located at the foot of Morne Anglais, is an organic picturesque creole garden developed by the owner Delroy. Registe.  Here, banana, citrus and vegetables grow between the stones.  The garden demonstrates the traditional way of planting which our grandparents used.  The entire layout of the garden fits with the natural landscaping of the property and speaks about the history of the area. 4.30PM         End of tour Total Price: US $51/ person To book your tour Contact Us.

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